Want to Join the Gabriel Clan Family Circle and Online Community

Welcome to Gabriel-Clan.com, the Gabriel Clan Family Circle and Online Community. We are a private family owned website embarking on the The Gabriel Family Bloodline Project. Our mission is dedicated to gathering, preserving and presenting the biographical and historical information of the descendants of Isaiah Gabriel Sr. (1805 – 1879).

Gabriel-Clan.com is designed as an online intranet bringing together social networking, messaging, forums, events. Members can share images, video, messages, events, collaborate on family projects and you can stay up to date on all family happenings. GClan believes we deserve to be remembered and we are celebrating each descendants life with a page of recognition and remembrance. Each page will contain a main photo, opening statement and individual tabs for text, images and videos and links to children. Please help us accomplish this mission by submitting biographies, images and video of your loved ones and help us build a permanent history of the Gabriel Family.


Gabriel-Clan.com Community Functions and Special Features


Gabriel-Clan.com is built to connect family and document history. If you are a descendant who is willing to help us create a permanent history of the Gabriel family and willing to say “Hello, I am also a Gabriel” then this website was built for you. The price of membership to Gabriel-clan.com is active participation. There are over 500 living descendants and 90% percent of the Gabriel family are not known to the admins of this website. We need to verify each and every applicant as a bloodline member of the Gabriel family or family friend.

We need to know who you are. In order to join every applicant must share some family history or personal biography in text, images or video and help us build a complete history of the Gabriel family. If you cannot or will not share some love then thanks for dropping bye and come back anytime if you change your mind. Contact Gabriel-Clan.com at info@gabriel-clan.com today to discuss activating your membership. Due to online concerns and internet security there will be absolutely no exceptions to this policy. Thank You GClan.

Please contact info @ gabriel-clan.com to volunteer for Gabriel-Clan.com membership
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